Executive Cleaning

Office cleaning-stationing and one off

Office and commercial cleaning are at the heart of our business. A clean, pleasant and healthy environment is an important consideration for a productive and happy work force. Your staff deserve the best environment that can be provided and Kleeneat services offers you, office cleaning services that ensures your staff focus on the core business of the company. We will work with you to assess your requirements and to customize a comprehensive cleaning program that meets the specific prerequisites of your company or organization.

Related Support services that Kleeneat provides include:

  • On-site sorting, filing, recycling and organizing according to your company‚Äôs policy
  • Scheduled cleaning of entrance and public areas to maintain appearance
  • Scheduled hard floor/carpeting and upholstery cleaning
  • Special event cleaning for meetings, presentations and conferences
  • HEPA-Filtered vacuum cleaners to reduce dust levels
  • Facilities cleaning, including washroom and kitchen/break room facilities
  • Matron/porter services to provide continuous cleaning, freshening and restocking of washroom paper products
  • Disinfect key contact areas to help prevent the spread of any viruses and disease causing bacteria.
A clean office and building creates a safer and healthier working environment and this is proven to help minimize staff absenteeism and increase traffic inflow of your clients to your premises. Our office cleaning service is tailored to each individual customer and can include specialist cleaning such as computer and IT equipment to prevent the risk of overheating. Our office cleaning schedule allows you to have flexible working hours which gives you ample uninterrupted business time for your company.

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Hygiene 100%
Professionalism 80%
Experience 90%
Customer Satisfaction 70%
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